Magento is one of the most out of the box feature rich open source ecommerce. Magento might not be the fastest or cleanest ecommerce (we rather recommend Spree here), it can do the job for a lot of online businesses selling complex products in several countries.

Thanks to Akretion, connecting OpenERP to Magento has become quite easy and is one of the most mature and out of the box ecommerce solution for OpenERP.

Akretion founder Raphaël Valyi started a Magento connector prototype while at in fall 2008. Unfortunately, a few months later, that experiment has been discontinued by which still was claiming a strong ownership of the project. This lead to frustration among the users/developers community. In Spring 2009, Sharoon Thomas, Openlabs founder felt the need to rewrite the code completely from scratch upon a cleaner basis and started the magentoerpconnect project. A few months later, Akretion assumed half of the new development effort. Specially Openlabs focused on the product and multi’s data-models while Akretion focused on the order importation and multi’s generic abstraction.

If you have a working Magento shop and a working OpenERP, connecting them is only a matter of a few days/hours of work for us (of course OpenERP and Magento projects are still complex projects). If you want a complete turn key ecommerce / ERP solution, we can still do it as we team with the DMD2 company for the Magento and design part eventually.